Your NXT approach to Application Modernization

Your NXT approach to Application Modernization

Yesterday’s applications were not designed for today’s business, and they want solutions that can help gain more value from their IT investments. When planning for modernization it is imperative to consider all project aspects upfront. AspireNXT uses its expertise to analyze your current IT architecture and capabilities, as well as business and performance requirements. We aim to create a 360-degree view of application usage including how people operate the application, what data they use, and how the application has modified over the years.

Why Application Modernization?

Application Modernization is imperative and here to stay. If you’re a CIO, IT operations or application development leader, an enterprise architect, or any role responsible for determining the technology that will advance your business, then application modernization should tingle your senses. With current times, an organization's main intention is to focus its money and efforts directly into what benefits the customers.

There are two basic reasons why Application Modernization is imperative

Firstly the cost to maintain your existing application became prohibitive, due to the fact it is quite often a monolithic application. As a result, the organization has great difficulty in responding in an agile fashion to any new changes in the industry.

Any business more than five years old has applications that can be improved by modern technology and processes. Most importantly, application modernization delivers tangible and recurring benefits that add to your bottom line in the long run.

Secondly, the way users traditionally interacted with computers was typically through a green screen specialist, over the last few years it has become fundamental to bring about the functionality to the end-user. This means that you have users directly interacting with your systems and the interaction should be intuitive and appealing to the masses. Today’s users are more likely to use devices that are touch-enabled like mobile or tablet compared to desktop and laptop.

The average attention span of any user is about 10 to 15 seconds, if your applications do not click with them in these moments, you have lost a user.

The fundamental rules of business are that an organization should put its money and effort directly into things that benefit the customer.

We have experience with some of the state-of-the-art technologies, to reuse legacy systems making it risk-free and efficient. We connect your legacy backend application to mobile and web-based systems, enhancing the overall user experience, whether you have a mainframe, Midrange or any other legacy system. We see to it that all the hard work gone into creating it doesn’t go to waste, but makes your business more competitive than ever.

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