AspireNXT enables a customer to build an in-house automated cloud model by deploying Azure Stack for VM Automation

Task at Hand

One of our clients was looking to build an automation level within their own datacenter and reached out to Aspire Nxt for help.

Our Solution

After a preliminary evaluation we suggested the use of the Azure Stack. However, to ensure that the overall transition was smooth, we first did a pilot that would automate some of their daily tasks of provisioning VMs and Apps.

We built an in-house automated cloud model using Azure Stack for IaaS and PaaS for their end user requests.

Value Delivered

Benefits achieved and still projected:
Speed deployment of Windows and Linux virtual machines
Future ready private cloud and can be integrated seamlessly with public cloud
Cost analysis of their workloads
Self service portal to end users
Slowly customer can move to cloud and the end user experience remains same

Technologies Used

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