AspireNXT helps Our Client separate the application and DB layer from the internet ensuring security using .NET application

Introduction to our Client

Our Client is a payment consulting solutions organization that offers pre-certification consulting, simulators, live test analyzers, and certification services for the entire payment ecosystem.


A new application ‘Lithos’ back-ended by a .NET framework was developed and was ready to be published. The Client wanted a secure infrastructure along with a staging setup.
As part of this engagement, AspireNXT proposed AWS as a common cloud platform for their application Servers.

Choosing Amazon Web Services

Our client evaluated many cloud providers and solutions before settling on AWS. Further to this, they decided on going forward with AWS being the most secure and cost-effective solution.
To facilitate the migration of their Workload to AWS, Our Client chose to work with AspireNXT, an IT services provider that is part of the AWS Partner Network (APN).

Proposed Solution

The proposed solution involved separating the application and Database layer from the internet to ensure restricted access. A jump server with privileged access is used to administer the .NET application.


By running its production environment on AWS, Our Client can now ensure security for its mission-critical applications and their customers can access the system.

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