AWS Case Study AspireNXT devises a BC/DR strategy for a telecommunications company

Executive Summary

Our Customer is one of the largest telecom infrastructure services providers in SEA. They leverage AWS cloud to host their Crown Jewels and depend on the cloud for its availability and durability.

Customer Challenge

Running all their major application on AWS, they needed a backup and Restore strategy for their Applications. With organizational policies and uptimes to meet, they required a full proof plan leveraging cloud native technology.

Partner Solution

AspireNXT leveraged various cloud Native AWS services to devise a plan for customer’s backup and restore strategy

The solution leveraged the EBS snapshot capabilities to create full+incremental snapshots of their AWS instances volumes. These EBS volumes are stored on AWS S3, a cost efficient object storage service. Backups are deleted after a period of 7 days by a Lambda script. Notification on successful backup and deletion is configured via AWS Lambda and AWS SNS.

Results and Benefits

By leveraging AWS Cloud native services, edotco has adopted a cost effective and efficient solution that provides them the necessary support when required. Other benefits from this solution are:

  • Reliable Backup service
  • Quick Restore functionality
  • Full+ incremental backups at a fraction of the cost
  • Snapshot and AMI lifecycle Management
  • Notifications on Successful backup and Snapshot delete

About the Partner

AspireNXT offer end-to-end platform managed services. Our highly skilled team of AWS experts can design, build and manage new or existing cloud infrastructure and deliver it on time and on budget.

With remote support and centralized management, we can keep the product up and running 24×7, at a minimum deployment cost.

We are committed to delivering you a DevOps that is agile, available, efficient and at the same time saving you on cost.

Our consultants work closely with customer stakeholders to help them leverage cloud automation and ensure we meet your expectations and project goals.

Our experience and expertise, our ability to enable Big Data cloud analytics frameworks, AWS cloud analytics.

We enable frameworks that generate real-time business insights using descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Migrate on-premises data to the cloud and enable seamless orchestration with on-premises and cloud applications. Also, help identify the best use cases and rapidly build PoCs to make a case for enterprise-wide adoption.

We help develop new reports and dashboards to ensure high user adoption rates. We provide adequate end-user training, ensuring that the cloud infrastructure and analytics applications are available and running at peak performance daily.

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