AWS Case Study AspireNXT Oracle Database HA solution for BC/DR on AWS Cloud

Executive Summary

Our customer is an empowering network for individuals and companies seeking skills and solutions for growth. Since 2008, they have assisted more than 700,000 individuals through our career guidance, professional development, and job matching services. With an extensive network of partners, they offer hiring, training and productivity solutions to businesses.

Customer Challenge

Our customer hosts their grant management system on AWS IaaS. The system uses multiple Databases. Their core application runs on Oracle Database. Being a mission critical application, HA on the db was required. To enable HA on the database was their biggest challenge. AspireNXT addressed the challenge.

Partner Solution

  • AspireNXT proposed using Veritas Infoscale, a Software defined High Availability Solution that caters to Enterprises that require HA on their Workloads.
  • Veritas Infoscale works by monitoring the various services that govern the workload(Oracle db services) and the various network services and health checks.
  • Veritas Infoscale was configured to replicate the EBS Volumes that host the database from the primary instance to the secondary instance.
  • A RPO of 10 ms and RTO of 10 minutes were defined as per organizational policies.
  • The subsecond RPO was made possible by leveraging AWS’ Internal network.

Results and Benefits

By leveraging Veritas Infoscale, e2i has enabled HA on their Oracle Database.

Other benefits were:

  • Predictability—Met all Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs)
  • Compliance—Was compliant with business continuity mandates with audit reports and non-disruptive recovery rehearsals
  • Automation—Recovery run books that automate failover and recovery orchestration for multi-tier applications, thus reducing manual interventions and making failover actions deterministic
  • Cost Optimized- Leveraged AWS EBS as the secondary data store for block replication

About the Partner

AspireNXT offer end-to-end platform managed services. Our highly skilled team of AWS experts can design, build and manage new or existing cloud infrastructure and deliver it on time and on budget.

With remote support and centralized management, we can keep the product up and running 24×7, at a minimum deployment cost.

We are committed to delivering you a DevOps that is agile, available, efficient and at the same time saving you on cost.

Our consultants work closely with customer stakeholders to help them leverage cloud automation and ensure we meet your expectations and project goals.

Our experience and expertise, our ability to enable Big Data cloud analytics frameworks, AWS cloud analytics.

We enable frameworks that generate real-time business insights using descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Migrate on-premises data to the cloud and enable seamless orchestration with on-premises and cloud applications. Also, help identify the best use cases and rapidly build PoCs to make a case for enterprise-wide adoption.

We help develop new reports and dashboards to ensure high user adoption rates. We provide adequate end-user training, ensuring that the cloud infrastructure and analytics applications are available and running at peak performance daily.

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