AWS WAF Case Study: Dynamic protection and Improved Visibility for a Manufacturing Industry’s Collaboration Platform

Executive Summary

Our customer is the world's leading electronic measurement company, transforming today's measurement experience through innovations in wireless, modular, and software solutions. Customer was facing High Latency issue when requests were made as the users were from different part of the world and now by using our solution, the customer can access the web application in quick and faster way.

About the Customer

Our Customer is the leading manufacturers in electronic test and measurement equipment that help scientists, researchers and engineers address their toughest challenges with precision and confidence. With the help of their products and services, they are better able to deliver breakthroughs that make a measurable difference.

Customer Challenge

The customer needed a Collaboration Platform for its member and suppliers. The customer was using two different SaaS solution providers for separate business units or departments. They wanted a single solution that would cater to all their requirements and was not billed by the number of users accessing the platform. The customer had a usage pattern that had a broad range of volume. From next to no users to thousands of users during peak usage. They also needed flexibility of UI across multiple devices. They could foresee a need in future where different departments would need different UX designs for their respective brands.

AspireNXT had designed a solution that is completely serverless. This required a strong CDN Distribution that could manage security and provides edge location service with secured data transmission.


Being an existing user of the platform, the customer was confident in the capabilities of Amazon Web Services. AWS provided the services to deploy the application in line with the vision laid out by the customer. A serverless approach was chosen to deploy the application.

To facilitate the continuous build and deployment environment in AWS, the customer chose to work with AspireNXT, an IT services provider that is part of the AWS Partner Network (APN).

Partner Solution

• Use of AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) has helped the client to easily create a custom SSL certificate and deploy to CloudFront distribution in more secure way.
• Deploy the static application in the bucket and configured with CDN service as an origin.
• A static page from s3 and restful API’s distributed using CDN web
• Helped the customer to implement the Restriction on source layer from public access.
• To protect against common web attacks like SQL Injection, BOT detection, XSS (Cross Site Scripting) etc. AWS WAF has been configured along with CloudFront.
• UI and Backend services are deployed using single web CDN distribution with multiple origin as source.

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