AWS Case Study: Resurgent AspireNXT deploys backup solution for Endpoints to AWS S3

Executive Summary

Resurgent is one of the key players in the audio-visual, information communication and automation technology domains. As part of their cloud adoption strategy, they decided to move their workload to AWS and realize the benefits to the full extent.

About The Customer

Since 2008, Resurgent been transforming the digital world with their holistic Audio Visual (AV) solutions. Resurgent today has offices across India and presence in 3 other countries. With a dedicated team of over 80 employees, they design, integrate and incorporate the latest AV technology and communications systems into business facilities across the world.

Customer Challenge

With important files present on user endpoints, Resurgent couldn’t afford to lose this data. Resurgent was looking for a cost effective solution that would help their organization backup user data to the cloud and also gave them the ability to restore the  data from the cloud.

Partner Solution

  • AspireNXT proposed to leverage AWS S3 to store the backups of the user data. The Data was backed up using an open source tool.
  • A client was installed on all the endpoints and configured to backup the data to AWS S3.
  • Data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Data can be recovered through the client if and when needed
  • The backups were configured to be full+incremental and old backups were purged after 7 days

Results and Benefits

  • By backing up all user endpoints to AWS S3, Resurgent has improved their data protection/data loss strategy.
  • The solution is cost efficient as Resurgent only pays for the storage they use.
  • AWS S3 provides high availability and durability to their backups allowing users to recover from data loss as soon as possible.
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