DevOps Case Study: Fully serverless application deployment using AWS developer tools with CICD Pipeline

Executive Summary

Our Client is the largest broadcasting union in the world. Our client is also member of the World Broadcasters’ Union and works closely with the other regional broadcasting unions on matters of common concern such as reserving frequencies for broadcasters, harmonization of operating and technical broadcasting standards and systems and finalizing the Broadcasting Treaty. The proposed Serverless application is built by leveraging AWS Lambda to be reliable, scalable and cost effective.

About the Customer

The union runs a wide range of services, including the daily Asia vision TV news exchange, several co-productions, program exchanges and technical, programming, legal and management consultancies, as well as industry and international conferences and an international frequency planning and coordination. The Union negotiates rights for major sports events and organizes their coverage for the region. It also runs prestigious annual Awards, TV Song and Radio Song Festivals.

Customer Challenge

The Customer was using two SaaS based products to meet all the requirements of the various departments. The licensing for the SaaS products was user based. However, the users were light users of the system. They also had a need to have different User experience for each department. The customer was exploring an option that will enable them to have the benefit of a SaaS system, have the ability to customize user experience, integrate features of the two systems into one and have a low operating cost while being able to provision access to a large number of users.


As a new user of the platform, the customer was assured about the capabilities of Amazon Web Services. AWS provided the services for Developer tools with CICD to deploy the application in line with the vision laid out by the customer. A serverless approach was chosen to deploy the application without VPC.

With immutable infrastructure, all changes were tracked in AWS CodeCommit and software development methods like continuous integration and continuous deployment were implemented with AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild.

To facilitate this in AWS, the customer chose to work with AspireNXT, an IT services provider that is part of the AWS Partner Network (APN).

Partner Solution

Aspire NXT helped the customer to setup Developer tools using AWS CICD services to build and deploy a serverless application using Lambda function and AWS S3 for hosting static web application.

The platform consists of several microservices running on AWS Lambda function. Every microservice has its own purpose, such as on-demand video transcoding, Media live streaming, Role based user’s authentication, Analytic report.

Architecture Diagram

Results and Benefits

The new CI/CD pipeline uses Code Commit, Code Build, CodeDeploy and CodePipeline to remove all the friction when deploying new code. As a result, the broadcasting union is now able to push small, incremental updates to their software.

  • Build/deployment rollback plan enabled for deployment failures
  • Email notifications to the team with AWS SNS on build status
  • Application health check monitoring and alerts
  • Deliver updates faster
  • Track of builds history & build errors using CloudWatch and AWS S3
  • Continuous build process on code push and on merge at Code commit repository
  • Scales operations to meet business demand while reducing IT costs

The application’s availability has improved with an added benefit of improved performance. This was made possible with the use of AWS services.

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