DevOps Case Study: Serverless application deployment with Blue/green Linear incremental deployment mechanism

Executive Summary

Our Client offers telecommunications network related services utilizing 4,800km of fibre optic cables that run along the railway and gas pipeline corridors connecting urban and rural towns in Peninsular Malaysia. The customer was exploring options to bring Business Agility by extending their ERP systems. AspireNXT positioned serverless architecture.

About the Customer

A “carrier’s carrier”, Our Client provides the backbone infrastructure and ancillary services to Telco providers. The company has also expanded its customer base to include managed network service providers and global operators.

Our customer owns three fibre optic cable networks along the railway and gas pipeline corridor from Padang Besar in Perlis to Johor Bahru and branches out from Gemas to Tumpat and Rantau Panjang in Kelantan. The network passes through almost all major towns in Malaysia and is suitable for the conveyance of voice, data and video. Client’s network coverage extends to the East Coast particularly to Pahang and Terengganu via the Petronas gas pipeline corridor.

Customer Challenge

Fiberail was facing challenges in extending functionality in their ERP systems. A modernization pathway was the chosen route for their Digital Transformation. This Modernization included the decommissioning of all 3rd party Applications. They were to be replaced by an application that would drive their Mission critical Processes. Moving critical Workloads to a single application requires various Teams to collaborate. 

AspireNXT suggested an Agile Framework that would allow all business processes to be integrated into the application sequentially.


The Customer was convinced to use AWS as a platform for their modernization journey by AspireNXT. AspireNXT configured the AWS services for Developer tools with CICD to deploy the application in line with the vision laid out by the customer. A serverless approach was chosen to deploy the application in the isolated VPC environment and keeping the application and database in private.

To facilitate the continuous build and deployment environment in AWS, the customer chose to work with AspireNXT, an IT services provider that is part of the AWS Partner Network (APN).

Partner Solution

  • Micro service based modern application development 
  • Database and repository backup configured with AWS S3
  • Data processing using AWS Glue jobs with scheduled jobs
  • Vulnerability scanning and continuous patching for docker images in Amazon ECR 
  • Linear deployment is configured with ECS Blue/green deployment for the application 
  • WAF is deployed to protect the application from external attacks (DDOS, SQL injection,     Cross site-scripting rules etc.)

Architecture Diagram

Results and Benefits

  • Deployment rollback plan enabled for deployment failures
  • Email notifications to the team on build status
  • Automate the Software Release Process 
  • Avoid downtime during application deployment
  • Rapidly release new features
  • Concurrent deployments
  • Track of builds history & build errors 
  • Shifting the traffic from one version of a lambda function to a new version of the same lambda function
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