DevOps Case Study: Zero downtime updates with Blue/green deployment using AWS Pipeline services

Executive Summary

Havence is a small, passionate start-up dedicated to the empowerment of educators. Providing institutions with innovative solutions that radically revamp the way that teachers, parents and students interact.

This school management system relieves teachers and staff of traditional issues and obstacles such as a reliance on pen & paper approaches.

Customer Challenge

Havence wanted a zero-downtime deployment. A zero-downtime deployment is achieved when we can successfully introduce a new version of application to production without the user experiencing any disruption in the application he is accessing. From the user’s and the company’s point of view it’s the best possible scenario of deployment since new features can be introduced and bugs can be eliminated without any outage. The continuous integration and continuous delivery daily basis ensure new feature releases continuously. Havence wanted to have Code Pipeline deployed in such a way that there will be minimal maintenance with easily manageable services.


There are numerous competitive cloud providers available in the market which offer web services to build the web applications. The choice of AWS services for Web applications is because of a significant number of advantages like distributed computing power, cost savings, scalability, security.

To facilitate with smooth and continuous delivery of services in AWS environment, Havence chose to work with AspireNXT as an IT service provider that is part of AWS Partner Network (APN).

Partner Solution

  • Connecting existing source repo from AWS Code Commit to Bitbucket
  • Database and repository backup configured with AWS S3
  • Blue/green deployment model with shifting of the traffic in two increments
  • PHP based application deployed in AWS EC2 instances
  • Alerts for Failed builds and Deployments in CICD Pipeline

Architecture Diagram

Results and Benefits

  • Build/deployment rollback plan enabled for build or deployment failures
  • Email notifications to the team who made build success and failed using SNS
  • Automate the Software Release Process 
  • Improve developer productivity 
  • Deliver updates faster
  • No maintenance needed 
  • Track of builds history & build errors 
  • Continuous build process without any human interventions
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