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Executive Summary

Our client has been a pioneering onboarding and engagement network for cloud workforces. They also wanted to seamlessly transform and analyze this data to gain actionable insights into the attainment of performance goals through surveys and quiz.

About the Customer

Our client provides an onboarding and employee engagement experience tailored to organizations which are designed to be informative and interactive. They aim to increase new hire experience while also building a foundation for employee success by getting them up to speed on new procedures and providing a dependable source of reliable company information.

Customer Challenge

Customer’s use case was to create insightful dashboards on a Managed Services platform which used embedded analytics in the HR portal for their clients which should be able to track critical management program and surveys by enabling them to move from static spreadsheets email reports and ad-hoc analysis to always-available dashboards.

Why AWS QuickSight

AWS QuickSight is remarkably capable of handling several Big Data sources and diligently performing smart visualization on them. It can handle multiple business domains while independently measuring business metrics. It takes advantage of machine learning to identify anomalies in data and make predictions through its ML Insights feature. QuickSight offers a vast library of visualizations, charts, tables, and add interactive features like drill-downs and filters and perform automatic data refreshes to build interactive dashboards.

Partner Solution

  • In the subsequent sequence, the overall data flow from extraction in SQL to the final dashboard is carried out.
  • AWS Database Migration Service is used to migrate the source(MySQL database) to transfer full data load and then delta data only.
  • For data engineering, AWS Glue was set up, and data quality checkpoints were performed on the data lake using AWS Lambda.
  • For all the data that passed the data quality check, a separate database was created, Athena was configured to query the data and ingest the data to QuickSight.
  • The data validation and transformation were done, and visualization were created as per the client requirements ,and then these dashboards were embedded in the client domain.

AWS Services Used

As part of the solution architecture, the following AWS Services were used in the development of the QuickSight dashboard embedding project:

    1. AWS DMS
    2. AWS Glue
    3. AWS S3
    4. AWS Lambda
    5. AWS Athena
    6. AWS QuickSight

Third-party applications or solutions used

Architecture Diagram, MySQL Workbench

Results and Benefits

  • A high-level view of aggregated survey & quiz responses from employees across different surveys to recognize and analyze the perception for the surveys answered.
  • The HR interaction with the portal is improved, encouraging the customer to make a thoughtful decision.
  • Open-ended responses were able to analyze as a Word Cloud.
  • Client engagement in collecting benchmark results which leads to increase employee efficiency is increased by 50%.
  • With excellent enterprise-grade dashboards, visibility and control over data have increased by 30%.
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