AspireNXT build an API Gateway for for World’s biggest Broadcasting Union

Introduction to our Client

Our customer runs a wide range of services, including the daily Asia vision TV news exchange, several co-productions, program exchanges, legal and management consultancies, international frequency planning and coordination. It works closely on common concern such as reserving frequencies for broadcasters, harmonization of operating and technical broadcasting standards and systems and finalizing the Broadcasting Treaty.


Our client was keen on securing their web data information private and wanted to restrict direct unauthorized access. The access had to be role-based with attached permissions. Also, a certain level of security had to be established to avoid deliberate or accidental irregularities.

AspireNXT Solution

Aspire NXT suggested to use an API Gateway wherein anyone trying to access any AWS resource had to go through this gateway. The following are being sent to the API Gateway; which in turn executes the requests using lambda functions:
1. Live Streaming
2. Read/Write to DynamoDB
3. Read/Write to S3
4. Backend Lambda based Web Application calls
5. API calls to Cognito


By using API Gateway, they were able to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure REST and WebSocket APIs at any scale. Moreover, the access to AWS Cloud Storage is also possible only via API Gateway. It uses powerful and flexible authentication mechanisms, such as AWS Cognito User Pools and Lambda authorizer functions. API gateway is set up to request authorization and verify request to AWS services. The AWS Lambda function is used to verify tokens and if validated the access is granted to the API. As with all the services included in AWS, the Amazon API gateway also provides the option of pay as you go. The service does not require any monthly or annual.

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