Move towards Modern Machine Learning

Modern Machine Learning Approach

Machine Learning Modernization

Machine learning (ML) has become an essential technology for businesses in various industries. It allows companies to gain insights from data that can help drive decision-making and improve operations.  

Companies should consider moving to next-generation ML for improved performance, cost savings, enhanced security, greater flexibility, competitive advantage, and regulatory compliance. By leveraging the latest ML tools and technologies, companies can achieve these benefits and drive business success. 

Benefits of AWS:

1) Enables quick modernization of data science engineering practices

2) Trains machine learning models in days instead of months

3) Reduces training costs by 75 percent Improves flexibility and performance

4) Enables data scientists to spend more time on strategic pursuits

AWS Services Used:

1) Amazon SageMaker

2) Amazon EC2

3) Amazon EC2 P3 Instances

4) Amazon ECS

Amazon SageMaker in a box

What is Amazon SageMaker in a box?

AspireNXT helps you in developing a custom Machine Learning (ML) Model by orchestrating the workflow ranging from requirements gathering to model deployment on the AWS platform. We help you identify the right data and its attributes that fit the ML model development. AspireNXT helps you in data preparation and analysis by utilizing cloud-native services by ensuring your solution is secure, cost-effective, and runs smoothly even at peak performance.


Why Amazon SageMaker in a Box?

Effective data preparation, which deals with feature selection and generation using Statistical Analysis. Perform data pre-processing and cleansing using serverless tools like AWS Lambda and AWS Glue. Automated ML Model update in regular intervals of time using AWS Step Function. Building and deploying an effective custom ML model in AWS Amazon SageMaker makes performing prediction possible both synchronously and asynchronously.

Discovery ML in a box

What is Discovery ML in a box?

AspireNXT helps you rapidly scope up the ML solution for your business problem by setting up the data analysis pipeline from Business understanding to Data validation & exploratory data analysis on the AWS Platform. AspireNXT helps you validate the data’s quality, ensuring the best fit for the ML model to be trained. We support you in identifying significant features suitable for increasing the ML model’s overall performance.