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AWS Service Delivery Program

API Gateway

AWS API Gateway

With API Gateways developers do not have to build logic into their apps to keep track of endpoints or to handle request failures, that result in poor user experience. Another benefit of API Gateway is that it minimizes latency, which, ultimately, brings a better end-user experience.

APIs are the force that drives in the background of numerous applications regardless of their size. If you are publishing a public API or building an integrations marketplace, APIs are the way to do the business. API Gateway is used to assist in the delivery of API, with high availability in mind, to your partners and customers. API Gateway is a reverse proxy which exposes the microservices as APIs. As its name implies, API Gateway is a “gatekeeper” between the microservices and clients.

API Gateway has no minimum fees or start-up costs. With API Gateway, tiered pricing model allowing you to reduce your cost as your API usage scales.
As an AWS Consulting Partner, we have delivered significant projects to customers and often involved in serverless architectures where AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway played a key part. Our certified AWS specialists have developed a solid experience in cloud-native application development and can support you through your transformation.


Efficient API development: Run multiple versions of the same API simultaneously with API Gateway, allowing you to quickly iterate, test, and release new versions.

Performance at any scale: Provide end users with the lowest possible latency for API requests and responses by taking advantage of our global network of edge locations using Amazon CloudFront.

Cost savings at scale: You pay for calls made to your APIs and data transfer out and there are no minimum fees or upfront commitments.

Easy monitoring: Monitor performance metrics and information on API calls, data latency, and error rates from the API Gateway dashboard, which allows you to visually monitor calls to your services using Amazon CloudWatch.

Flexible security controls: Authorize access to your APIs with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Amazon Cognito.

Case Studies

We’ve helped numerous customers accelerate transformation on AWS. Our team of AWS certified engineers is always ready to design and develop a customizable solution to meet your specific business needs and manage your applications on your behalf.


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