Managed Services

Our managed services provide you with the right people, processes, security, and technology across on-premise, cloud, and networks to optimize your cloud and IT infrastructure. We offer full management and automation capabilities, so you can focus on strategic initiatives. Drive innovation for your business without spending unnecessary time on day-to-day operations.

Datacenter Managed Services

Infrastructure management in a hybrid IT environment can be difficult, with its multiple applications and technologies.

At Aspire Nxt we take over the management of your hybrid IT infrastructure, giving you the technological flexibility you need, and maximizing the efficiency and availability of your applications. We help you make the best use of IT assets and provide uninterrupted service. Get full visibility of your data centre infrastructure in near real-time across cloud, on premise, and the network.

End User Managed Services

Workspace collaboration are the key to a successful organization. At Aspire Nxt, we understand that, and help you to achieve the most out of your end user services through our highly trained and experienced resources.

Our End-User Managed Services enable organizations to unbundle key workplace elements and tailor them to different user segments within the enterprise. This enables delivering persona centric applications, workspace collaboration, and support services for increased user adoption in a seamless fashion. We follow a vendor neutral approach and deliver only those solutions that are best suited to your business. Most importantly, we leverage all available resources to realize up to 60% reduction in effort and 50% reduction in timelines.

Cloud Managed Services

Our Cloud Managed Services include Server Management, Network Management, Security Management, and Database Management.

Through our services here at Aspire Nxt, we offer services that are built on industry best practices helping you realize the value proposition and focus on your business. Our services are completely customized and we practice total ownership. Our constant endeavour is to provide you with improved business performance, Cloud Managed Services pricing effectiveness, and elimination of capital costs required for IT operations.