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Empowering Employees 

During Challenging Times

Accelerate Logistics IT delivery through apps and data that employees need, across any device

The Logistics industry constantly wrestles with a lack of visibility in terms of communication, a lack of transparency across the supply chain and amongst stakeholders. Using mobile devices to stay on top of goods movement, delivery, fulfilment and statutory controls is a key industry need.
Today, IT can deliver powerful end user services that allows access to apps and data to employees across any device from anywhere.

Do you have any of these challenges in IT?

Overwhelmed with support tickets across various mobile & remote user devices and end points?
Struggling with business SLAs that impede performance?
Managing devices across various locations continues to be a pain?
Active Directory control poses a constraint in managing end points restricting agility?
Archaic EMM and MDM solutions running out of steam in managing end points?
Employee experience takes a beating and you’re being blamed?

Our Promise with Workspace One

Modern cloud based end point and mobile device management
Flexibility to detach from Active Director and yet gain identify and authentication control 
Scalability across various mobile platforms and locations
Dexterity to handle traditional and non-traditional mobile computers efficiently
Delivery of applications to employees - anytime anywhere
Manage employee experience and security
Seamless integration to back end IT infrastructure

Unified mobility apps solutions for a leading global supply chain logistics company help detach from Active Directory & deliver apps to employees anytime, anywhere.

What Workspace ONE does?

Simplifies App Access and Management
Modernizes Windows 10 Management
Unifies Endpoint Management
Lowers Cost of Delivering Virtual Desktops and Apps

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