End User Services

We help you right till the end, and beyond. Our end user services range from Microsoft 365 Migration and Implementation, VDI Assessment and Implementation, Sharepoint Implementation and Migration, Gsuite Implementation and Migration, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft 365 Migration and Implementation

Office 365 implementation services offered by AspireNxt help you incorporate Office 365 aligned to your enterprise productivity solutions. We enable adoption of Microsoft Office 365 that includes all features – SharePoint, Exchange, Skype, and Yammer for business and relevant web apps to deliver outcomes.

We combine a strong understanding of Microsoft Azure platform with our own home grown cloud adoption models to ensure a well-planned and tailor made Office 365 implementation customized to your business. Our implementation services will ensure continuous management, training users, and support with rollout, adoption, and management.

VDI Assessment and Implementation

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is virtualization technology that hosts a desktop operating system on a centralized server in a data center. VDI is a variation on the client-server computing model, sometimes referred to as server-based computing. Virtual desktop infrastructures are heterogeneous and complex. Any slowdown in the storage, virtualization, or network tiers results in virtual desktop slowness.

Our VDI Assessment service helps companies pre-empt and overcome virtual desktop performance issues so you can identify bottlenecks, restore performance, and deliver on the promise of VDI flexibility, scalability and end-user satisfaction. Its focus is to analyze every layer, every tier of the virtual desktop infrastructure and to highlight where performance bottlenecks may be, so remedial action can be taken to enhance the user experience and to ensure scalability for future expansion

Sharepoint Implementation and Migration

We at AspireNxt provide SharePoint development services that cover diverse needs of customers and spans across many industry domains such as banking, insurance, transportation and logistics, healthcare, high technology, and retail. Our services are backed by proven track record of development expertise in SharePoint with solutions for all your SharePoint needs for your business. Our services include capability assessments, creating an upgrade template, tool assessment, and identifying

SharePoint is a great tool for collaboration and content management with capabilities to transform the way you work. Taking things to the next level, there is SharePoint Online, where your entire organization can be on the cloud. Our team of Microsoft certified developers can assist you in making use of the platform’s extensive customizability to design a solution that best benefits your business.

Gsuite Implementation and Migration

G Suite is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you connect to your team and get work done from anywhere, on any device. It’s simple to setup, use, and manage, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters.

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we not only bring the best in deployment capabilities, but also the transformative talents to be a valued long-term partner. Our consultants will design, configure, and deploy the platform most appropriately within your organization, and compliment your existing infrastructure to provide support and metrics to keep the organization running smoothly.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

CRM solutions streamline processes and increase profitability in your sales, marketing, and service divisions. A strong CRM solution is a multifaceted platform where everything crucial to developing, improving, and retaining your customer relationships is stored. Without the support of an integrated CRM solution, you may miss growth opportunities and lose revenue because you’re not maximizing your business relationships. With Dynamics 365, your enterprise can market smarter, sell effectively, and interact and respond everywhere.

It provides business intelligence and productivity through tight
integration with the Office 365 apps you already use. And it’s all in the cloud.
We at AspireNxt help you with the setup, support, and maintenance of the Microsoft CRM solution helping you achieve better marketing, sales, and service capabilities for your organisation no matter it’s size.