AspireNXT enables a Singapore based Ed-Tech Organization

Enriching Children with Knowledge and empowering Educators with Technology has always been the goal of the Organization. With a Smart School Management software, the organization has been making exponential strides in the industry. Keeping up with the growing business, adopting new technologies, processes etc.has been a key mind set in the organization.

Dealing with adopting new technology on par with Business growth

The growing business brought various challenges into their technology landscape, from adapting to varying traffic, adopting new technologies and solution, continuous improvement of their product etc.

These challenges coupled with some of the existing issues they were facing led the organization to realize that they required a partner to help them manage their Infrastructure, allowing them to focus on what they excel at, empowering educators. The organization was looking for a partner with experience on supporting multiple Production workloads, 24×7 support, and DevOps capabilities

Building a Scalable, secure and reliable Infrastructure on AWS

AspireNXT took a step back and looked at the problems and understood that the Organization required an infrastructure that was scalable and able to adapt the the various changes in usage and changes.

The organization was an existing AWS user. AspireNXT leveraged the various services provided by AWS to build a solution that addressed the various requirements.

The Organization was first on boarded to our Managed Services, where we took over the day to day operations required to manage and maintain the infrastructure.

To manage the change management and continuous improvement of the product, AspireNXT helped the organization adopt a DevOps pipeline with a Blue Green Deployment allowing them to  Continuously Integrate and continuously deploy their application with minimal downtime.

Continuous Audit through the Managed Services helps them stay compliant from a security standpoint of view. By re-architecting parts of their infrastructure, we built a resilient, fault tolerant infrastructure by leveraging tools like Autoscaling on AWS.

Through our services here at AspireNXT, we offer services that are built on industry best practices helping you realize the value proposition and focus on your business. Our services are completely customized and we practice total ownership. Our constant endeavor is to provide you with improved business performance, Cloud Managed Services pricing effectiveness, and elimination of capital costs required for IT operations.