AspireNXT deploys a Windows based ERP solution on AWS to help Resurgent enable the development of a production-ready website.


Since 2008, Resurgent been transforming the digital world with their holistic Audio Visual (AV) solutions. Resurgent today has offices across India and presence in 3 other countries. With a dedicated team of over 80 employees, they design, integrate and incorporate the latest AV technology and communications systems into business facilities across the world.

Executive Summary

Resurgent is one of the key players in the audio-visual, information communication and automation technology domains. As part of their cloud adoption strategy, they decided to move their workload to AWS and realize the benefits to the full extent.

Customer Challenge

Resurgent wanted to deploy an ERP Solution on the Cloud along with their Java Based Web Application for their users across the APAC Region. Since the product was a new launch from their stable, they were not able to quantify the traffic and thus had sizing risk. When the founders interacted with AspireNXT, we suggested leveraging AWS to start small and scale fast with AWS solution. As their product was evolving a factor of unpredictability had to be factored in. Furthermore, they wanted the solution to be secure and reliable while handling unpredictable traffic volume and database queries that the workload might be subjected to. They were on the lookout for a partner who can implement the solution within ten working days which was also a challenge. They wanted a partner who could enhance the operational efficiency of the database environment in due course.

Partner Solution

Aspire NXT assessed multiple options based on the requirement and proposed the infrastructure to be deployed on AWS. POC was conducted for all the feasible options and eventually, it was determined and decided that the Windows Based Platform would be ideal for the requirement and it would be deployed on AWS.

Aspire NXT deployed a Windows Server 2012 R2 and an SQL Server 2016 to host an ERP and the Java Based Web Application. The applications were tightly integrated with Microsoft AD.

AWS S3 was used for the backup of data and EBS volumes along with AMI Snapshots. This was necessary in order to avoid any loss.

Some other AWS Services used are:

o AWS CloudWatch
o AWS Trusted Advisor
o AWS Site-to-Site VPN

Results and Benefits

  • The high availability can be easily established for Windows Server & is enabled for the SQL 2016 Server database on AWS in the ERP solution.
  • The data can be accessed from anywhere and the database would failover to a secondary node in case of any failure and ensure that business is not affected.
  • SQL Server–based applications on the AWS Cloud can be easily integrated with other AWS services in the future assuring extensibility.