AspireNXT deploys a Windows based ERP solution on AWS to help Resurgent enable the development of a production-ready website.


Since 2008, Resurgent been transforming the digital world with their holistic AV solutions. Resurgent today has offices across India and presence in 3 other countries. With a dedicated team of over 80 employees, they design, integrate and incorporate the latest AV technology and communications systems into business facilities across the world.


Resurgent required ERP based solution that would enable the development of a production-ready website, within 10 days of time, to reach users across all 3 locations, and Asia-Pacific region. As a start-up company, Resurgent had no legacy infrastructure to migrate across to AWS. It was important to ensure that their network had the availability to handle the company’s unpredictable traffic and database queries as the company scaled. Resurgent is also looking for further enhanced performance in its SQL Server environment.

AspireNXT solution

AspireNXT investigated multiple options, including the use of a local Data Centre(on-premises). Conducted POC setup on different options but finally decided to go with windows based platform for ERP deployment. Deployed windows 2012 R2 Server & SQL 2016 server for ERP.


By running its windows server & SQL 2016 Server database in AWS for ERP, Resurgent can enable high availability on DB level. We can make sure our employees/customers can access the data from anywhere If a failure takes place, the database would automatically fail over to a secondary node and business could not be affected. SQL Server–based applications will be on AWS Cloud, Resurgent can also more easily integrate additional AWS services in the future.

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