AspireNXT deploys AWS IOT for Supply Chain Tracking

Executive Summary

Enterprises are seeking ways to track their assets with the shipment carrier in ways that are most optimal to their requirements. The end goal is often to have greater visibility and control of assets while in transit with the shipment carrier while opening opportunities to optimize business operations based on insights-driven decisions.

Benefits of IOT in Logistics Domain

  • For assets in transit, proactive shipment monitoring results in greater reliability.
    Collect Real-time updates about the shipment’s location, transit status, and conditions like temperature and humidity (for perishable shipments).
  • Quickly identify issues and remediation.
  • Minimize losses and reduce insurance claims
  • Deliver a delightful purchase experience to end customers.

Architecture Diagram

Architecture illustrates AWS based tracking solution that can leverage various IoT devices to provide real-time product data at selected stages of the supply chain. This integrated solution can securely pull from that data stream to automatically notify relevant participants of any potential risks.

AWS IoT Core: Connect IoT devices to the AWS cloud without the need to provision or manage servers.
AWS IoT Greengrass: Devices can act locally on the data they generate, respond quickly to local events.
AWS Kinesis Firehose:  Collect and Process streaming data at scale.
AWS Glue Databrew: Data preparation transformation such as Handling/Imputing missing values etc.
AWS RedShift: Modern Datawarehouse, Redshift delivers fast query performance even for  petabyte scale.
Amazon Quicksight:  Quickly embed interactive dashboards.​
AWS SageMaker:  Accelerate ML Development and Use.​