AspireNXT deploys a backup software for One of the Largest Retail Solutions Provider leveraging Auto Tiering in AWS S3

Executive Summary

NCR is the world’s enterprise technology leader for restaurants, retailers and banking sector and it is world #1 POS software provider for retail and hospitality, and multi-vendor ATM software. NCR works with various Retails stores Globally, One of their largest clients ExxonMobil, has more than 60 outlets in the ASEAN region. NCR Servers are deployed at each of these locations as well as the regional offices. The Invoices generated by these servers are stored locally and are occasionally backed up manually and transported to a central location.

Customer Challenge

With the risk of losing data on their systems, both during transport or due to local failures, NCR alongside Exxon sought after a solution that would be able to backup all the data stored at these locations into a single cost effective repository. It was Important that the repository storing the data had the capability to archive data older than a set limit of time.

Partner Solution

Considering the object data type and unstructured property of the data, Backup and Archive requirements, a solution leveraging Amazon S3 Intelligent Tiering was used as the central repository for the data.

  • Veritas BackupExec, an Enterprise backup tool was leveraged as the mechanism that brough the data into AWS. This system was deployed on AWS EC2 and was connected to Amazon S3 for storage of the backup.
  • The Amazon S3 bucket was configured as an Intelligent Tiering bucket where files(invoice, bills etc) older than a certain duration of time(180 days) would move to glacier for archive, giving NCR a cost effective solution for their ever increasing load.
  • Files were brought from over 60 locations via a S2S VPN tunnel connected via the NCR internal MPLS via Transit gateway.
  • The data is encrypted in transit as well as at rest leveraging Veritas proprietary encryption as well as AWS Encryption services.
  • With the large amount of data influx, NCR was able to archive data at scale without compromising on performance of the storage system(Amazon S3)

Results and Benefits

  • By deploying Veritas BackupExec on AWS cloud, NCR has seen a better ROI on storage of up to 11% due to the cost effective nature of AWS S3.
  • By leveraging AWS S3 as the storage for their backups, NCR has increased the availability and Durability of 99.99999999999% of their backup infrastructure coupled with AWS EC2 providing a highly scalable and cost effective solution.
  • S3 Intelligent Tiering give NCR a further edge by leveraging automation in moving files that have not been accessed to Glacier for archive as per the organization’s policies.
  • By leveraging Intelligent Tiering, NCR has lowered the time to restore of recent files to milliseconds.

About the Partner

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