A leading Remittance organization realize their Backup goals with Veeam Backup

Executive Summary

Our client was incorporated in Singapore in 1991 and currently runs their platform on AWS. With the large influx of data, changes to the applications, compliance levels to be met, our client faced a challenge as to how do they recover their systems, files, applications, or databases in the case of a failure.

Customer Challenge

Our client hosts their mission critical application on AWS, a failure on this system could mean a loss of revenue for the organization. This was a cause for concern. They looked for a Modern Backup Solution that would help them accomplish anend to end backup strategy, helping them recover faster.

Partner Solution

AspireNXT was consulted and embarked on the journey to plan and design a solution to meet their requirements.

AspireNXTsolutioned a backup strategy on par to the organizational standards by leveraging Veeam Backup for AWS.

AWS S3 was configured as the data store for the backup solution. Veeam leverage AWS Native backup capabilities to deliver cutting edge backup and restore functionalities to the customer.

Policy based Automation was configured removing the need for manual intervention during backups. Both Full and file level recoveries were configured. This feature greatly increased the operational efficiency of the organization.

Snapshots are storedon Amazon S3 thereby reducing the storage cost, thereby creating a  greater return on investment.

File level restores have also been made possible by using workers that are automatically instantiated and terminated based on the restoration task performed.

Amazon VPC settings are backed up to the Veeam Backup for Disaster Recovery situations where Veeam can be used to standup the entire network automatically.

Results and Benefits

  • Operational Efficiency was greatly improved by automating the backup process. This reduced the need for manual intervention and further providing more insights into the backup plan and strategy.
  • S3 delivers high durability of data at a very cost optimized price point, thus decreasing TCO and increasing ROI.
  • Veeam provides the ability to perform File level recovery, giving the team a more granular level of recoverability, reducing the higher RTOs associated to full system restores. When a full system snapshot is required, a low RTO is ensured by leveraging the Veeam automation features.
  • Data Backup compliance and security through encryption at rest and in transit is met under the governing MAS guidelines

About the Partner

AspireNXT offer end-to-end platform managed services. Our highly skilled team of AWS experts can design, build and manage new or existing cloud infrastructure and deliver it on time and on budget.

With remote support and centralized management, we can keep the product up and running 24×7, at a minimum deployment cost.

We are committed to delivering you a DevOps that is agile, available, efficient and at the same time saving you on cost.

Our consultants work closely with customer stakeholders to help them leverage cloud automation and ensure we meet your expectations and project goals.

Our experience and expertise, our ability to enable Big Data cloud analytics frameworks, AWS cloud analytics.

We enable frameworks that generate real-time business insights using descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Migrate on-premises data to the cloud and enable seamless orchestration with on-premises and cloud applications. Also, help identify the best use cases and rapidly build PoCs to make a case for enterprise-wide adoption.

We help develop new reports and dashboards to ensure high user adoption rates. We provide adequate end-user training, ensuring that the cloud infrastructure and analytics applications are available and running at peak performance daily.