AspireNXT helps a Web Tech company to migrate from a traditional database to a NoSQL database

Task at Hand

The client was using a MySQl database for his web application and was facing issues such as latency and high retrieval times. AspireNxt was got onboard to help.

Our Solution

The first thing we noticed after coming onboard was that the query time was high due to the large number of entries in the table making it complicated to fetch the data. Given this issue, we decided to shift from a MySQL to a NoSQL database.

The challenge with this shift was that if not handled well, the project could have taken months. To ensure a fast and efficient data migration, we suggested Dynamo DB – the managed NoSQL database of Amazon. Not only would this lend us to the other services provided by Amazon, but also it provided throughput and consistency of data.

Why Amazon’s Data Migration Services?
AWS Database Migration Service is easy to use, and does not require any changes to the source database in most cases. The migration is done with virtually no downtime and the service can migrate your data to and from most of the widely used commercial and open source databases. AWS also allows you to pay for the compute resources used during the migration process and any additional log storage making the service affordable. The AWS Database Migration Service is highly resilient and self–healing. It continually monitors source and target databases, network connectivity, and the replication instance.

Using AWS, we setup the environment for data migration so the client could add only the conditions for replication of table i.e. conditions for mapping of data in Dynamo DB NoSQL table from SQL table.

Value Delivered

Client Database migration was successful and they were able to use Dynamo DB (NoSQL) for their application by transferring data from RDS MySQL to DynamoDB, which in return gave them a better performance.

Technologies Used

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