AspireNXT helps transform on-premise IT infrastructure to a Hybrid Azure Cloud

Task at Hand

One of our clients recently acquired 4 companies and wanted to consolidate their different messaging platforms to a single domain. They got Aspire Nxt on board to help with the challenge.

Our Solution

The company hosted Multiple Microsoft clustered Hypervisors and Virtualised Critical workloads. We helped them migrate all the workloads into one single root domain and implement System Centre suite to manage their internal resources. We also integrated with Azure Cloud to build a Hybrid solution to move some of the workloads to Azure Cloud. Apart from automation of many tasks we used Note Migrator for Exchange to consolidate their different messaging platforms

Value Delivered

Benefits achieved and still projected:
Consolidated messaging platform which delivers a consistent and modern user experience.
Reduced costs associated with provisioning and management of virtual machines.
Reduced support costs.
Greatly reduced on-premises footprint by building a hybrid Azure cloud.
Reduced technical complexity.
Enabled collaborative working and supports future new teaching methods

Technologies Used

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