Boost Migrates Petabytes of Unstructured Data to AWS

About Boost

Boost, Axiata Group Berhad’s award-winning homegrown e-wallet, and one of Malaysia’s largest payment platforms, has set itself the goal of transforming the payment experience into a truly cashless one.

Customer Challenge

The company, which currently serves nearly 9 million consumers across Malaysia, had built a large customer database. As customer data volumes increased with business growth, Boost recognized that the big data could be better leveraged to derive marketing insights that offer customers a more seamless experience on the mobile app. the company needed to overcome limitations in its unstructured data infrastructure, which had grown complex and fragmented over time.

To accomplish this, the customer chose to migrate and host their data on AWS as a centralised location for all reporting requirements.

Choosing Amazon Web Services

Boost was an existing AWS User and looked to leverage AWS to host their data and enable their users with the right data when required

Proposed Solution

AspireNXT, an AWS Advanced Partner, created a roadmap that would allow them to migrate their data to AWS, and enable Boost with the required insights.

With rapid customer growth, the last thing Boost needed to worry about was whether the data infrastructure could keep up with business demands.

By building the new data lake, Boost could bring together all its data from various sources, and at any scale, into one central repository. The company could also run different types of analytics–from dashboards and visualizations to big data processing, real-time analytics, and machine learning–to guide better marketing decisions.

The Benefits

By using AWS as a platform for their data, Boost gained complete visibility into the end-user lifecycle—from the moment a customer signs up to the time the e-wallet app is uninstalled. This helped the company acquire a deeper understanding of its users’ end-to-end behavior, increase spending by 17 percent, improve retention with 50 percent more active users, and reduce churn by 15 percent.

Boost data analysts are now able to run more analytics reports with at least 99 percent accuracy for all business units, and have seen data requests grow by four times. AWS Provides them with the elasticity and agility required to go to market faster and more efficiently, the organization has to decrease operational inefficiencies associated with owning and operating a data centre to host Petabytes of Data. With the data now on AWS, The organizations have higher availability, native Backups, and Services Managed by AWS, and has opened the doors to innovation.