Customer Experience: Application Modernization

Solution Overview

A rich user experience with a progressive web application as part of modernizing the core systems of the customer. Streamlined identity management and role-based access control and provided a converged landscape where external and internal users can be managed and provided fine grained access. Topical privilege elevation for users to workflows that are in flight by authorizers tiered by deal value.

Key Features

  • Hosted on OutSystems Cloud for Optimal performance, availability, and scalability.
  • Sophisticated processes simplified with intuitive UI.
  • Rich user experience and a significant upgrade from the UX of the legacy system they were using.
  • Comprehensive logging and traceability of transaction

Key Benefits

The Solution replaces the core system of the organization. This modernization exercise will enable the customer to have a more integrated solution on a single platform and save significantly on license and data center costs over the next decade. As a future proof platform that is modular, versatile, and responsive, it empowers the organization with business agility by being responsive to fast changing customer demands and market dynamics.

Developed pivotal module within a fraction of the time it took on another low code product that the customer was using earlier. Improved identity management by integrating third party Identity providers easily and quickly with forge components

  • Rich user experience
  • Microservices based modular architecture enables business agility
  • Quick access to important documentation
  • Fine grained access control with easy IdP integration