Customer Apps & Portals

Solution Overview

An intuitive and user-friendly progressive web app was launched to augment customer delight, one of the highlights of the service rendered by the customer to their users. This easy to navigate PWA app allows patients to seek services from the various departments of the hospital and meet their needs in a timely, efficient, and hassle-free manner from their mobile devices.

Key Features

  • Hosted on OutSystems Cloud for Optimal performance, availability, and scalability.
  • Intuitive and User-friendly application for updating and management
  • Rich interactive experiences for end users and staff
  • Better SLA tracking of the services that are requested via the app

Key Benefits

The Solution is designed as a simple application that integrates with existing systems and yet give a delightful experience to the end users of the customer. The solution as developed in OutSystems for the quick turnaround and facilitating users to visualize and incorporate options for end users of the services rendered in painless and an efficient manner.

  • Speed of building features with Forge components
  • Rich user experience
  • Quick access to important documentation
  • Device simulators to test expected end user experience on various mobile devices and mobile OS versions.