Fiberail Undergoes a Large Scale Migration to AWS

About Fiberail

Fiberail Sdn Bhd (FIBERAIL), incorporated in 1992, licensed under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 as a Network Service Provider (NSP), Network Facilities Provider (NFP) and Application Service Provider (ASP) for telecommunications industry.

Powered by three fibre optic cable networks along the railway and gas pipeline corridor from Padang Besar in Perlis to Johor Bahru and branches out from Gemas to Tumpat and Rantau Panjang in Kelantan. The network passes through almost all major towns in Malaysia and is suitable for the conveyance of voice, data and video. The network coverage extends to the East Coast, Pahang & Terengganu via the Petronas gas pipeline corridor.

Fiberail is supported with 20 network operation centres nationwide including two centres at the Headquarters, the National Control Centre at KTM Railway Station Building and a 24-hour Helpdesk, Fiberail is able to cater to its customers’ needs effectively.

Customer Challenge

With an ever-growing need for connectivity and communication across the region, Fiberail had approached a roadblock in their current architecture. With the need to scale their offerings, they had to overcome the limitations of Self Hosted Infrastructure. The organization needed an elastic, agile and secure architecture that would allow them to meet business demands.

Fiberail had a comprehensive roadmap aligned to meet various business goals and Fiberail started to engage with various vendors to build a model that would allow them to scale.

Choosing Amazon Web Services

Fiberail was in the process of evaluating several cloud providers as well as On premises solutions such as Colocation before selecting Amazon Web Services (AWS). They concluded that hosting their infrastructure on AWS in the most cost-effective solution, and that AWS provides all those services at a faster and more efficient way to host their application. The organization undertook the Migration Journey in a phased approach including a complex Refactor of a business application.

To start this journey, Fiberail appointed Aspire NXT, an AWS Advanced Partner to Assess, Mobilize and Migrate their Infrastructure to the cloud.

Proposed Solution

  • Aspire NXT, an AWS Advanced Partner, created a roadmap that would allow them to Migrate Applications to AWS, Migrate Data and Refactor business applications.
  • Aspire NXT approached the Migration by adopting the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework, starting with an Assessment of the organization’s current state, processes, Technology etc. The Application Portfolio was created by analysing the current ecosystem and documenting the various applications and system

The following figure shows the process of migration

The organization had divided the migration into 3 waves.

  • Rehost-1 – Back End Infrastructure
  • Replatform-2- ERP, CRM and File Servers
  • Retire + Develop -3  – Retire the current Capacity Management System and develop a robust System leveraging Native AWS services.

Additionally, the customer has embedded a Phase in their RoadMap to replace their current ERP and CRM systems with a cloud native solution built on AWS

The Benefits

By using AWS as a platform for their Applications deployment, and distribution, Fiberail has successfully taken advantage of various AWS services as a backbone to their application. AWS Provides them the elasticity and agility required to go to market faster and more efficiently, the organization has decrease operational inefficiencies associated with owning and operating a data centre. With the Applications now on AWS, Th organizations has higher availability, native Backups, Services Managed by AWS and has opened the doors to innovation.