Customer Experience: Process Automation

Solution Overview

Achieve automation very quickly as part of digitization initiative, imperative to remain competitive in the market. The organization has developed and embarked on a major digitization exercise to eliminate time wasted in process delays due to physical, paper-based process. This would allow the organization; an already successful conglomerate continue to maintain an edge over its competition. In the first phase of automation tendering and vendor onboarding were chosen to be completed. These processes used to take a long time earlier and the digitization process will enable them to reduce the process cycle to weeks from what used to take months.

Key Features

  • Hosted on OutSystems Cloud for Optimal performance, availability, and scalability.
  • Integrated process steps connecting various departments creating a digital twin of the current process
  • Reduced process timeline and self-service admin features to allow easy configurations
  • Versatile role-based access control that allows external users to manage their own users.
  • MFA to ensure added security and compliance requirements

Key Benefits

Speed is of essence and the management had embraced an agile method to deploying solutions incrementally so that operational validations are done early in the process. Early design of screens for validation with business process owners helped quick turnaround. Secure access to external users through multifactor authentication while allowing them to manage their credentials, offloads the responsibility of authentication away from the organization to the external entities.

  • Microservices based modular architecture enables business agility
  • Quick access to important documentation
  • Fine grained access control with easy IdP integration