Build Architecture for Media Exchange Platform using AWS Lambda for World’s biggest Broadcasting Union

Introduction to our Client

Our customer runs a wide range of services, including the daily Asia vision TV news exchange, several co-productions, program exchanges, legal and management consultancies, international frequency planning and coordination. It works closely on common concern such as reserving frequencies for broadcasters, harmonization of operating and technical broadcasting standards and systems and finalizing the Broadcasting Treaty.


Our customer was keen on building an architecture for a collaboration platform. They were looking for a solution that would avoid maintenance and management of any server workload.

AspireNXT Solution

Aspire NXT helped them to create a serverless compute environment using AWS Lambda, which is completely managed by AWS and does not require any servers. AspireNXT used AWS Elastic Transcoder Service to convert the media file from the original format to any desirable format like AAC, MP3, MPEG, MP4, WAV, MKV, FLV, etc. by using AWS Lambda Service. Both the original and converted media files are stored in their respective AWS S3 bucket, which is an AWS Storage service.


Since AWS Lambda is fully managed service, our client does not need to think about the underlying server’s management. DynamoDB helps in getting insight reports on various media.
By availing AWS Lambda service, our client saved at least 80% of the actual cost required for computing services.