Migration from Public Cloud to AWS

About Graymatics

Graymatics is a leading cognitive multimedia processing company that harnesses advanced AI technologies to extract profound insights and create compelling solutions for the installed CCTV base. Founded in Silicon Valley, the company is currently headquartered in Singapore and serves various active markets worldwide. Their primary industry verticals include Smart Cities & Transportation, Smart Buildings & Factories, and Smart Banking & Retail.

Customer Challenge

Graymatics faced challenges in processing large files because of their dependence on manual methods in their existing setup. With their emphasis on AI technology, they aimed to leverage GPU-based instances to enhance data processing efficiency while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, they were determined to ensure high availability for their application.

Choosing Amazon Web Services

As an existing customer of Azure and AWS, they evaluated both providers and determined that AWS would offer the most cost-effective solution for their needs. They found that AWS provides a faster and more efficient way to host their application with all the required services.

Proposed Solution

As a trusted consulting partner, AspireNXT formulated a strategic plan to facilitate the migration of data to AWS, equipping Graymatics with essential insights. By leveraging AWS managed services, AspireNXT recommended an application version that offers high availability and automatic scaling. This implementation allowed Graymatics to reduce their overall infrastructure costs by up to 20%.


The Benefits:

By utilizing AWS as the platform for their applications, the client has effectively leveraged various AWS services as the backbone of their application. With the applications now on AWS, the organization enjoys higher availability, native backups, services managed by AWS, and has accelerated cloud adoption by 20%.

  • Significantly reduced costs without compromising application quality or user experience.
  • Enhanced flexibility and scalability within the AWS ecosystem.
  • Improved efficiency through the use of AWS-native services and tools.
  • Strengthened security measures and alignment with compliance standards through AWS offerings.