Aspirenxt Deployed and Developed a Serverless Compute Environment for a Mobile App Payment company

Executive Summary

Axiata Digital Ecode Sdn bhd is a regular mobile payment app on the App Store and Play Store. It is proudly Malaysia’s homegrown lifestyle e-wallet app that is both secure and rewarding.

They wanted to bring together all its information from various sources into one central repository with a custom-built solution, to run more analytics report with maximum accuracy. This using the operation benefits like Lower cost, Higher availability, better quality, increased throughout, uniform management.

The partner AspireNXT suggested Axiata Digital to go with AWS serverless services, as it will provide a highly stable and available production environment to support their business intelligence applications and help drive Advanced Analytics use cases.

Customer Challenge

Axiata Digital Ecode was evaluating options to consolidate all their Mongo Sources at one central location with a custom-built solution which will cater to all their needs. This will in turn help them do Advanced Analytics on their Customer Data. The customer wanted a solution that was scalable, performant, would reduce the operational overhead and was cost effective.


  • AWS provides the right industry-leading solutions that met the company’s needs.
  • AWS has access to a deep pool of partners. With keen understanding of each partner’s technical expertise and specializations, AWS was able to connect Boost to AspireNXT.
  • To facilitate the continuous build and deployment environment in AWS, the customer chose to work with AspireNXT, an IT services provider that is part of the AWS Partner Network (APN).

Why the Customer Chose the Partner

Aspire NXT is an advanced consulting-tier partner of AWS in APAC. We drive innovation and stays ahead of the competition with proven experience of Public Cloud, Application Modernization & Development and Data Science by providing end-to-end Cloud Services.

With Aspire NXT, customers can achieve data-driven decision making, DevOps, enhanced customer experience, and innovation using AWS. Aspire NXT managed the DWH/Datalake and helping Boost in providing thought leadership around Business Intelligence Reporting.

Partner Solution

Aspire NXT helped the customer to deploy and develop a serverless compute environment, which lets you run/maintain the pipeline without provisioning or managing the infrastructure.

Used several serverless AWS services to realize many operation benefit (Lower costs, Higher availability, better quality, increased throughout, uniform management). AWS Redshift was used as warehouse, which will provide a highly stable and available production environment to support their business intelligence applications and help drive Advanced Analytic use cases.

This solution built will play a key role in transforming operational capabilities and providing more flexibility to meet changing market conditions.

As the part of the solution architecture, the following AWS Services were used in the development of the project:

  • AWS Glue
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Athena
  • AWS Redshift
  • AWS EC2

Results and Benefits

Customer’s 360-degree view of spending across segments led to increased revenue with upselling and cross selling. There was an increase in marketing ROI with completeness and accuracy of customer’s spend data. Over 50% savings on storage layers by enabling AWS 2 Level data security for PII Data. Over 15% cost saving moving from On Prem data warehouse solution to AWS Modern Datawarehouse. Additionally, Continuous Integration and deployment vis AWS Code Pipeline, ensures that the pipeline is dependable.