AspireNXT build an architecture for a collaboration platform using AWS Lambda

Introduction to our Client

Our client is the world's leading electronic measurement company, transforming today's measurement experience through innovations in wireless, modular, and software solutions. They deliver solutions for wireless communications, aerospace and defense and semiconductor markets with world-class platforms, software and consistent measurement science.


Our client was keen on building an architecture for a collaboration platform. They were looking for a solution that would avoid maintenance and management of any server workload.

AspireNXT Solution

Aspire NXT helped them to create a serverless compute environment using AWS Lambda, which is completely managed by AWS and does not require any servers to run applications. The AWS Lambda function is used for backend application to verify tokens and if validated, the access is granted to the API. Additionally, AWS Lambda function helped in the conversion of excel file to JSON data and store in its respective AWS S3 bucket.


Since AWS Lambda is fully managed service, they need not think about the underlying server’s management. By availing AWS Lambda service, they save at least 80% of the actual cost required for computing services.