ASCI Website Hosting on AWS

About Our Client

The Advertising Standards Council of India is an independent, voluntary self-regulatory organization established in 1985. ASCI’s primary aim is to ensure that advertisements in India adhere to principles of fairness, honesty, and compliance with the ASCI Code. ASCI was founded with the support of all four major advertising-related sectors: advertisers, advertising agencies, media (including broadcasters and the press), as well as other entities like public relations firms and market research firms. At the core of ASCI’s operations lies the Consumer Complaints Council (CCC). The group of distinguished individuals has made significant contributions to ASCI’s initiatives and self-regulation in advertising.

Customer Challenge

ASCI was hosting its website on a third-party data center and encountered several challenges related to website up time and inaccessibility. The website experienced frequent crashes and unresponsiveness, primarily due to sudden spikes in traffic. The ASCI team aimed to concentrate on enhancing website features while urgently resolving these issues. They sought a Managed Service Provider capable of addressing these challenges and delivering a highly secure and cost-effective website solution.

Choosing Amazon Web Services

As an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS, AspireNXT determined that hosting ASCI’s website on AWS presented the most cost-effective and efficient solution, AWS offers a wide array of services to support the rapid and reliable hosting of their application. AspireNXT also proposed the integration of ASCI’s complaint management system (CMS) with its website. This integration would allow the display of real-time status updates related to the
CMS on the website, including details such as the current open tickets, resolved cases, etc.

Proposed Solution

AspireNXT hosted ASCI’s website in a private subnet, leveraging an application load balancer for added front-end stability. A Web Application Firewall (AWS WAF) was implemented to filter out unwanted web traffic. Database hosting was managed through AWS RDS (Relational Database Service), a fully managed AWS service.

To ensure secure access for developers, a jump server was employed, automated backups were scheduled using AWS Backup services. NAT gateway was deployed for secure egress connections from the website to end-users. Trend Micro was integrated to bolster security against ransomware a Yacks on the website. CloudWatch and CloudTrail were utilized for centralized monitoring and troubleshooting.


Key Achievements

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Scalable database using AWS RDS
  • Strengthened perimeter security through AWS WAF and Trend Micro protection
    against ransomware a Yacks.
  • Centralized logging and monitoring, facilitated by CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and IAM.