The challenges in Migrating to Cloud.What should your organization consider before Migrating into the cloud?

The challenges in Migrating to Cloud.What should your organization consider before Migrating into the cloud?

The challenges in Migrating to Cloud. What should your organization consider before Migrating into the cloud?

Moving into the cloud can be very challenging for some organizations. Cloud is fundamental to your business strategy; however, most organizations are having second thoughts about Migrating to the cloud. It can be very complex when migrating to the cloud. Here are some common challenges your organization might be facing as they move into the cloud journey.

What are the common Cloud Migration Challenges?

The Lack of Strategy

It is very important for an organization to lay out their strategy and set a timeline when moving its data into the cloud. Successful cloud adoption and implementation require an end to end cloud migration planning. From identifying what type of data to be moved, how should it be moved (partially/fully) or which environment this data should be sitting in.

Different applications and data set may have different requirements and considerations. Some may require a different approach to cloud migration. Organizations are advised to have a clear business case for each workload that they plan to migrate to the cloud.

Cost Management

Most organizations didn’t set clear KPIs and understand what they plan to spend or save after migration. Without setting a clear KPI, the organization will be facing difficulties in understanding if the migration was a success from a financial view. Cloud environments are dynamic, and the costs can change rapidly as new services are adopted, and application usage grows.

Vendor Selections

The common problem for most organizations is vendor lock-in. Cloud providers usually offer a large variety of services; however, not many of them can be extended to other Cloud Platforms. Migrating the workloads from one cloud to another is a lengthy and costly process. Hence, it is important to understand the vendor’s capabilities before engaging. There are a lot of common cases where the organizations start using cloud services and later find it difficult to switch providers when the current provider is not able to fit their requirements.

The Data Security and Compliance

The Major Obstacle for most organizations is Data Security and Compliance. Cloud services usually use a shared responsibility model, where they take responsibility for securing the infrastructure, while the customer will be responsible for attaining the data and the workloads.

The cloud provider may provide powerful security measures; however, it is the organization’s responsibility to ensure that they configure them correctly and ensure that all services and applications have the appropriate security control. Transferring large volumes of data can be sensitive, and configuring the access controls for applications across different environments creates significant exposure.


Identifying all the major challenges that an organization might face while migrating into the cloud will help an organization to be more prepared and able to come out with a strategic plan to assure the success of its cloud migration.

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