Shifting to cloud? Find out why this is the best move for your business.

Shifting to cloud? Find out why this is the best move for your business.

If you are looking at agility and flexibility, utilization of capital in areas of business that truly require it, and want to use the latest technology, then Cloud computing is the way to go. The agility and sustainability of moving to cloud is the biggest motivator for most organizations.

Cloud Computing is not just the future, it is an essential component of most businesses - small or enterprise – TODAY!

Being tried and tested over the years, cloud computing is no more a taboo but moreover confirms its reliability based on just how many companies have adopted/or in the process of adopting it.

Below we explore the benefits of deploying Cloud computing in your Organization be it any size.


Businesses scale with different seasons, with that comes the need to add on-premise IT solutions, be it hardware or software, the option of ‘pay as you need’ available with most cloud service providers enables your growing business to easily adapt to the gruelling demands and changes of their business with ease. Vice- Versa if your company scales down you won’t have additional IT resources lying around on premise and not being used. Cloud services can grow or shrink constantly as you need them to, allowing growing businesses to easily adapt to the grueling demands and changes of their business with ease.

Convenience of Management

One of the biggest challenges for any business is the need to manage IT. With the ability to set up security policies on the initial level with ease, Cloud service providers have broken the mindset that IT management is a challenge. Managing devices be it BYOD or CYOD, is now an option as well. With cloud services you can eliminate the headaches of IT management and focus your attention on the areas your business needs the most.

Easy Upgradability

When you need a resource be it the deployment of any additional applications within the cloud, it will be available almost immediately for deployment. Most applications on cloud sync immediately with current digital workspaces making its deployment seamless. IT can additionally upgrade these apps without any downtime from the back-end with a click of a button.


With your business on cloud you can now access your information from anywhere, anytime and on any device, providing you with the flexibility to access your work-space irrespective of the situation, be it travel or heavy rains/snow. With storage on cloud you can now access your data from any place simply with internet access.


Meeting your clients’ needs immediately in this era of digital transformation is looked upon as good customer relationship. Efficiency of your organization is directly related to the ability to access your data from anywhere. Accessibility to your data from anywhere increases your organizations efficiency because you can get your work done almost immediately- all you need is internet. Additionally, an entire team could work on any document on cloud simultaneously from different locations removing any lag in production.

Disaster Recovery

Unfortunately, we can’t predict a natural disaster. Loss of data due to these natural catastrophes can cause permanent damage to your business. If your data is on cloud you can rest be assured that all your data is safely stored in multiple zones for availability.

Cost savings

Cutting costs without affecting quality can seem an overwhelming mission.
In cloud computing you can almost immediately experience an elimination of upfront capital expenditure, such as on premises hardware, servers, man power to manage technology, real estate for data centres, and the long-term cost of ownership of the same including considerable costs on power and cooling. With the ‘pay-as-you-use’ model, IT can now be considered as a utility. With hardly any upfront costs, you can gauge the best possible subscription plan that suits your business. With less hardware and cheaper upgrade costs, overall IT expenditure is lower for businesses that adopt cloud computing.


Data security requires constant up-gradation and monitoring. Cloud service providers can deliver the level of security your business requires with service providers like AWS being ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified - which is a security management standard that specifies security management best practices and comprehensive security controls following the ISO/IEC 27002 best practice guidance. All you need to do is set up initial policies referring the best guild lines, and you are good to go. Additionally for BYOD and CYOD users, policies with access to company data can be limited based on the user’s comfort in providing access to IT on their personal device.

It’s safe to say Cloud is the way to go irrespective of the size and demands of your business and we intend to demonstrate how cloud computing can benefit your business.

If you have decided on adopting Cloud computing but don’t know how to go about it, feel free to connect with us, we will help enable best cloud practices and methodologies for your company while you focus on what you do best.

We can visit your office/ set up a video call, demonstrating how you can get started on Cloud.

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